Jocelyn Whipple

sustainable fashion and textiles specialist


My approach to life and work is based on holistic principles engrained in me by my grandparents, parents and colleagues whose authentic values promote practical sustainability and social justice choices for todays world.

I do not view fashion and ethics as separate concepts in fact I have come to know that ‘Ethical Fashion’ is not a separate industry but rather the critical new movement being heralded and rapidly expanding within the global textile industry.

Through my work I seek to identify the balance points between design concept, resource use, function and end life, everything is connected. My passion lies in the tactility and universal value of textiles and in uncovering the incredibly complex stories that are behind the clothes we wear.


Experience highlights

Since 1996 I have been contributing to this global movement and working with brands and manufacturers across the fashion and textile industry to push the agenda for a fairer less toxic future.


After finishing my practical design BA in the UK I moved to California. From 1999 to 2005 I worked in  production, design and sourcing for some of the original eco brands in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Here I developed first hand knowledge of the new eco fabrics emerging into the market as well as daily insights into the world of contract sewing, dyeing and the nitty gritty of production management and the practical aspects of managing and growing ethical policy and practice within a clothing brand.


From 2005 -2012 I returned to the UK and established the first wholesale showroom for womenswear collections with sustainability at their brand core. Through this space and others such as Estethica in London and So Ethic in Paris I introduced over ten international labels into the UK boutique market. During this time I also contributed to many other projects which are highlighted on the Project page


In 2013 I became a founding member on the Global Coordination team of Fashion Revolution Day


Working style/approach

Social justice and environmental stewardship are the critical factors that are driving this disruptive movement within the global textile industry.

My work is carried out remotely and in person through collaborations in many parts of the world including the, EU, USA, South America, Nepal and China as well as other regions.

Paying attention to and deciphering the global systems and political situations that affect the fashion industry I continue to build value, experience, local knowledge and methods that can be applied to my projects.

My focus is on thorough traceability, technical know how as well as intuitive discretion in the way I apply my specialist advice.