Jocelyn Whipple

sustainable fashion and textiles specialist

Orsola de Castro

"I admire Jocelyn completely and utterly. One of the original eco fashion pioneers, the first to bring big US brands to the UK and one of the first to make true international connections between small European brands with both buyers and suppliers, Jocelyn has fulfilled invaluable titles and been a key influencer in the industry. Her knowledge of fabrics is encyclopaedic and her dedication legendary. I am proud to have been a close friend and collaborator almost since inception."


Livia Firth

"Jocelyn has been a fundamental part of my "awakening" to the environmental impact of the fashion system. She was with us at the very beginning of the Green Carpet Challenge and she is there when we have to solve the big "eco" textiles dilemmas! If she didn't exist, we would have to invent her!"


Jill Heller

"Jocelyn has become my mentor, and friend, and if not for her, I might have thrown in the organic cotton towel long ago. For two years she worked diligently as my consultant - educating me with respect to brands, fabrications, and supply chain issues.

She is one of the early pioneers in the eco fashion movement and I have come to trust and rely on Jocelyn's approval for all of the brands I represent."


Leila Hafzi

"I first met Jocelyn spring 2012 and recognised an "eco warrior" working for the same cause as me! It was a great relief and we found alot of common experiences and instantly began exchanging mutual ideas, inspiration and fun.

Knowing her vast experience in the field of sourcing and understanding the challenges into sustainable fashion I just had to hire her as a consultant and travel companion for my last two production trips to Nepal.

Jocelyn now consults LH and our factory in changing our fabrics one by one into more sustainable and traceable options, she looks at everything from animal welfare to bleach to yarns for our loomed fabrics to implement our aim of 'cradle-to-cradle' sourcing for every fabric we use.

Jocelyn is also contributing with her multitalented and quick mind as the producer of our challenging photoshoots in the himalayas."


Lola Young Baroness of Hornsey

"Thanks to Joss, I have begun to understand so much about the issues and challenges in cleaning up fashion. She's a real guru, knowledgeable, committed and patient with her explanations."